Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Greetings. This is an update to the August "CT-Cordwood" blog and an extension to a Daycreek forum. We are building a cordwood home in Woodstock, CT. We thought we'd answer questions posed on the Daycreek Forum and move on to new developments. Any advise how to deal with the cold would also be appreciated at this point. To Rob B. who said "Could you add a picture or three that shows how you did the interior supports inside the foundation to extend the width for the cordwood wall." we offer the picture to the left with more detail. I built up blocks that are positioned between all of the floor joists, which run perpendicular to the foundation wall. this picturewas taken prior to the outside rim board being installed.

After the boxes were all nailed in, the perimeter of the foundation was topped with two side by side 2x8s and a 2x4 cleat on the center of the 2x8s The picture to the right illustrates this. The two beds of mortar straddle the2x4 cleat acting as a keyway. copper flashing was also used on the weather side of the cleat to keep water from wicking in next to the wood. After this arrangement, we were ready to begin the cordwood.

We're moving along. Most the kitchen, as viewed from outside here, is done. We estimate 1/3 the project (cordwood, anyway) is complete. Having prefabricated corners helps, but they take a while to set and you can't add to the weight until they have had time to set. The corner quoins are set using a plumbbob and a nail in the subfloor as a mark. The grand plan is to use string from corner to corner to try and get the wallsgoing straight. Fundamentally, we have been setting cordwood (mostly Dan alone really) since end August and we fighting freezing temperatures.

As you can see on the right, window and door frames have been set. 8' high ceilings are established on two corners. The kitchen area, as shown, is only one story. The other half, from my vantage, will be two stories; however, the second floor here will be timber frame and stick built hybrid. It does help having friends... Really helpful tasks include having mortar mixed , gathering patterned cordwood, and pointing. Speaking of pointing, wow! what a difficult job down low! Thanks for friends again! See more soon... Any advise appreciated! What difficulties wil we have with mortar as winter approaches? Solutions? Any cordwood laborers near us?